This is an excerpt on the features we implemented in the GOTA game.

Customization system:

Gladiators of the arena counts with a simple and not over complex customization system, in wich the player can create a fair enough character, changing it's facial attributes, and colors of the face, of the eyes as well as planinng on adding different hair styles too.

Fighting system:

New effects added, new blood and in-battle effects, Et cetera. Things keep moving forward.

Quality scenarios:

Gladiators of the arena will take place in the year 211 A.D, when the Roman empire had an emperor called Geta, sounds fictional, but if you check it, it is not, we found out in the middle of developement that the emperor ruling in those times was called Geta originally in the times we set it.

This is the map that is going to be used for the purpose of traveling around different locations. It is placed in northern Italy near the Alps. And we are working on more scenarios for the GOTA game which will be available very soon!!


Limbs flying around, heads chopped wounds open and impossible to cure bleed outs... Gladiators of the Arena offers blood and gore in abundant doses! :)

Survivalism system:

Gather food cook it, and becareful what you want to eat because it may be the last thing you will, bears and other creatures are running around the northern Italy region.

Inventory system:

Manage the stuff that you have and what you have not. Some things will be useful in several ways and different occasions... food to eat, different weapons, et cetera. Although make sure you don't go too heavy or you might end up slow as a turtle on the arena!

Slave or Citizen:

Start in the Ludis to build up your career as Gladiator from scratch or try it as Citizen. you may always try to scape but have in mind that Rome is keeping one severe eye on you!

RPG - Game modes:

Right now, there are 4 different game modes in Gota. Solo team survival, Duel Deathmatch, Team Vs. Team and one training mode. The online modes allow special things you can use from the role playing branch during your fights. Play with your friends online, which is definitely going to be the most fun aspect in your gamer experience with GOTA...

And many other goodies for you to enjoy with, as for example, a Crafting system, different Weapon sub-systems (including one or two handed variants) and more!!  Know more...

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