Welcome to GOTA: The Gladiators of the Arena game for the PC!!

Gladiators of the Arena is an upcoming role playing hack slash game placed in the ancient age around 200 A.D and developed with the Unreal Development Kit. The background of the game it's on the northern Italy part, right next to the Alps, Imperial Rome. Right now the game is in alpha stageas we are working on adding the new features, polishing existing ones and moving forward with new ones. GOTA will support both single player and multiplayer game modes.

The game backbone it's pretty much the fighting system in wich it's suposed to be the most addicting and funniest feature of the game, in conjunction with with amazing GORE and many other effects which make GOTA to be even more fun and addicting to the player.

The RolePlaying Element, in wich the player can progress, earn money, get companions get new weapons, makes the game bigger and offers to the single player the satisfaction of bein a true gladiator, having two ways to play as slave or citizen.

Steam greenlight!!

Vote for us!, in order to be able to release the game in Steam, so we have things much more easy to set up a server list in wich players will have the chance to fight against real people. Our motivation it's have the chance of making that to happen, but we need to get the game in Steam first.   Know more...

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